How to create a text to midi song karaoke

Here I will discuss how to make the text on the midi karaoke song, to meet demand, especially the hobby of peer to peer nyannyi using midi facilities, of course, by using Yamaha keyboards, Korg, Roland, etc, will look even better here because while we sing the text will be visible and crussor will move to follow the song more and more fun in this text can appear in the window by using the winamp player.
Here, I'll use a software "Cakewalk Pro Audio" download here. After the open window enter a midi file and look for tracks that serve as a melody in the song then click the "staff fiew" as seen on the following picture: (see arrows)

After the clicks will come out a new look, our new At the click of a button "Draw" then click the button again lyric see picture:
Now we just write a song lyric that we will create (see blue arrows in the figure) needs to remember every note is filled with Datu diphthongs of every word .. when you're done save the file in a place that we have setAnd so I wrote this article hopefully useful for co - allGood luck ...!

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