Trick make a style korg is50, is40, is35 keyboard

For those that have Korg is50, is 35 Keyboard, I have a trick to be able to create a style using the keyboard itself, because they must have been bored with the existing style.
Well here I have a little ways to make style
Style course with the help of the software Style work XT (Download here) and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.

First, please enter the SONG EDIT mode then make an appropriate squencer style and we will create the maximum number of bars 16. after end then we save it to disk, then we open it using Cakewalk software (Download here)

Dangdut End1.mid, End2.mid Dangdut, Dangdut Fil1.mid, Fil2.mid Dangdut, Dangdut Int1.mid,Dangdut Int2.mid, Var1.mid Dangdut, Dangdut Var2.mid, Var3.mid Dangdut, Dangdut Var4.mid
After you create several variations with the file extension as above, it is time to open software Work Style.We went into import and export module select variation, where are we going to wearNext click the Import button when you're done save it to a new disk ..
Well.. now you have prossessed a new styleLikewise a few tricks of my .. good luck


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